What are festivals?

First and foremost, festivals are a celebration of dance.


Each child learns a dance to perform on stage in front of an audience. 

As a school we try not to focus on the competitive element of festivals and use it as an excellent opportunity for children to experience not only the end product of dancing on stage in front of an audience, but also the process of learning, perfecting and practicing their dances. 


Depending on the children’s level, age and ability, teachers can enter them for a variety of dance genres including ballet, modern, character, lyrical, tap, greek, national and song and dance. There are also a variety of combinations that they can perform in, for example, solos, duets, trios, quartets and groups. 


Festivals start by taking place locally, and then as the competition increases, regionally and finally to the prestigious National Finals in London. The rehearsal process and time required to take part in these competitions do require a high level of commitment from both students and parents alike.


Each festival has its own relevant competition information and you should check this before each compeition. 

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