Academy Scholars

Some students who show a talent for performance are invited by the Principal to join our Academy Scholars programme.  

These students will have shown a commitment to their classes along with a natural talent. Dedication is needed to become a performer and our Scholars must be dedicated to their own progress. In order to facilitate this, the students should be prepared to work on elements at home. 


The Scholar's programme provides opportunities that are tailored towards advancing performance and technical skills.  

In addition to a dance class, we provide conditioning and limbering classes for these students.  


The dance world is a very competitive industry and the festivals and competitions that we enter give our students an opportunity to develop their performance skills from a young age. 


We encourage our Scholars to attend drama and singing classes in Woodley along with the ballet, tap, modern and jazz classes that the school is able to offer in both Wokingham and Woodley. This provides the performer with a well rounded education and allows us to train our students to a high standard in all genre.  In today's world of dance, students are required to be able to turn their hand to any genre of dance.  


We are proud to say that many of our students have trained through our Scholars programme and are performing or teaching both here and abroad.  See our news page for more information. 




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