Classes tailored to each individual

Our special beginners' programme is offered for boys and girls wishing to have a fun hobby improving posture, flexibility, stamina and self-confidence. 

We offer classes in classical ballet, tap, modern, jazz, limbering and musical theatre. Classes are held at our branches in Woodley and Wokingham.  


All teachers are highly qualified, registered and experienced, giving expert tuition in small, friendly classes, ensuring excellent individual training.  

We pride ourselves in our all-inclusive approach to training and our creative and imaginative approach to starting dance at a young age while offering children a sound technical background from which to progress and develop their training and love of dance.


A free trial lesson is offered to all prospective new pupils.

Academy Scholars

Our Academy Scholars programme has been set up to offer additional training and further opportunities to those students who are keen to enter festivals and competitions. 


Enrolment into the programme is by invitation only, as a high level of commitment and a strong work ethic is required.


The Scholar's programme provides opportunities that are tailored towards advancing performance and technical skills.  

In addition to a dance class, we provide conditioning and limbering classes for these students.  


The dance world is a very competitive industry and the festivals and competitions that we enter give our students an opportunity to develop their performance skills from a young age. 

Musical theatre classes for all ages

Our musical theatre classes are held on Saturdays at Chapel Hall, Loddon Bridge Road in Woodley.  The weekly classes follow a simple format, including vocal techniques, specific drama skills games, tongue twisters and basic dance steps all geared towards musical theatre. 


There are 2 classes - the Junior class for Primary school age students and the Senior class for Secondary school age students. 

Student teacher training

Our student teacher programme gives our older students an opportunity to work with the younger members of the school and learn skills such as teaching techniques, communication and pastoral care. 

They also have oppoortunities to work alongside the staff at exams, competitions and shows, supporting the whole student body in their performances. 

Summer School

Each year our summer school proves great fun for those children wishing to spend their summer dancing, singing and acting. 

With groups available for all ages from aged 4 upwards and breakfast and after school clubs, our summer school is always a great success.


Examinations and Shows

We offer opportunities to take ballet, tap and modern exams. Our teachers are highly trained and hold memberships for several associations within which we enter examinations. 


Every student in the school from the very youngest to former students in professional vocational training is offered the opportunity to perform on a stage in our bi-annual school show. 

Specialised Pointe Programme

The classes are structured to enable us to teach pointe work in a safe and progressive way. 


The pre-pointe class is made up of strengthening exercises to get the dancer ready for pointe work. Each student uses a resistance band and a soft yoga ball to aid them in these exercises in class and at home. 


The beginner's pointe class contains preparatory pointe exercises and continues with the conditioning aspect of pointe. 


As the students gain strength and control they move into teh Advanced pointe class where the work progresses to a higher level. 

Our Staff

We pride ourselves in the fact that our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in their fields. 

All of our teachers are specialists in their subjects having spent many years training as dancers before then qualifying in their teacher training. 

We feel it is important that every student in the school receives the very best training, from the tiniest ballerina to our most senior student, regardless of whether they wish to persue a career in dance or have a fun hobby. 

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